PT-Helper - a web-based Home Exercise Program

tool that assists both physical therapist and their patients through

sustained, honest recovery.

Leave behind the days when home

exercise programs weren't remembered,

understood, or adhered to.


Turn to PT-Helper - a web-based Home Exercise Program

tool that assists both physical therapist and their patients through

sustained, honest recovery.

Physical Therapists, make your communication and workflow smoother. Make your patients more accountable. Make your practice stronger.

Physical therapy patients, speed up your recovery and increase your independence by exercising at home.

The CONNECT web platform is powerful, yet

simple online tool for therapists to

easily assign exercises from a bank of 600+

exercises for your patient to do at

home. Not only can you easily assign them, each

exercise is an animation of the full

movement ensuring each rep is done correctly.

The PT-Helper App is for patients who are tired

of losing pieces of paper, forgetting

exercises, sets, or rep counts, and want to be

more independent with their recovery

while still seeing positive results. The App is

easy to navigate and each Home

Exercise Program is created by your trusted


Physical therapists now estimate that only about 23% of their patients

continue performing their Home Exercise Programs in the long-term.



Our goal is to provide an optimized experience, assisting you, the physical

therapist, to genuinely help your patients recover and remain uninjured far

into the future.

Physical Therapists,

the CONNECT web platform is

going to streamline your

workflow, provide independence

to your patients, and better

allow you to customize and

track their results.


the PT-Helper app is going to

improve your motivation and

accountability and resolve any

issues that will keep you from

completing the recovery

exercises assigned to you.

How It Works

How It Works

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Program from

your PT through

the App


sustained, honest


Download the PT-

Helper App on your

Apple or Android


Perform your Home

Exercise Program

Test the CONNECT

App for 30 Days

Subscribe to the

CONNECT Platform

at $8/month or $80/


Patients experience

sustained, honest


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FREE 30-Day Trial

Sign up for your FREE 30-day trial today. We don't ask for your billing information, so there's no need to worry

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The FREE trial is the best way to see if the web platform and app are going to be right for you and your


After Your FREE 30-Day Trial

Physical therapists, for $8/month OR $80/year, you will gain

access to the CONNECT platform and be given a code for your

patients, giving them access to the PT-Helper App.


Within the CONNECT platform, you'll gain access to hundreds of

exercise animations and have the power to assign these to their

patients to create a customized HEP.


The best part - while CONNECT has an extensive library of

exercises to prescribe to your patients, it's also fully customizable,

allowing you to add in your own exercises. You can even add your

own pictures and images that your patients can later reference as

they perform their prescribed home exercise program.

As soon as you sign up for the FREE trial, you'll be sent an email

with your unique login information, giving you access to the

CONNECT web platform for physical therapists and your unique

code to give to your patients, giving them access to the PT-Helper



If at any time during your trial you have questions, we're just an

email away, ready to help.

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