About Us

photo by Mike Briggs

PT-Helper® was formed after our co-founder, Fred (an avid cyclist), crashed his bicycle twice in 2013. His first crash dislocated his right shoulder during a bicycle tour through the Riccione area of Italy in June. Fortunately, surgery was not required and Fred started physical therapy to improve strength and flexibility in his shoulder. In October 2013, Fred received his PT’s approval that he had sufficiently improved his dislocated shoulder and was discharged from therapy. The following weekend, Fred crashed again breaking his left collarbone into 5 pieces and breaking 4 ribs! Soon enough, Fred was back into physical therapy to recover from his crash and subsequent surgery.


Despite having an active lifestyle and being accustomed to exercising, Fred soon realized that doing physical therapy exercises at home has its own challenges. Like many PT patients, Fred would misplace his exercise sheets provided to him by his therapists. Occasionally, he would not be able to remember how to do a new exercise and found that the pictures on the sheets did not sufficiently explain how to do the exercises. However, the biggest pain point for Fred was keeping track of counting: hold times, repetitions and sets.


As an entrepreneur, Fred said "there has to be a better way" resulting in the PT-Helper mobile app: a physical therapy app for patients created by a patient!

Fred Gohh, Co-Founder


Fred is an electrical engineer by profession and has been involved with mostly start-up companies throughout his professional career. Starting with developing custom integrated circuit design, Fred has also been part of computer networking and computer storage companies where hardware and software integration was an important part of product development. More recently, Fred has been part of software companies where user experience is a vital component of the product.


Fred was born in the Philippines, lived in Canada, and moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 1996. He received his Bachelor and Master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto.


In his spare time, Fred cycles (almost every day).  He founded and manages a non-profit youth cycling development club called Team Citius.

Andrew Kwan, Co-Founder


Andrew is the principal illustrator and artistic director for PT-Helper. Andrew is also  a published freelance artist.  He writes, illustrates and publishes his own comic GEL and is the character designer for Nanomyte Studios and their multimedia series Injection.


Andrew was born and lives in Toronto, Canada.


He has done design work for the video game Move or Die, Parks Canada Original (clothing line), TeeFury, BustedTees, Ript Apparel, University of Toronto and Hero Complex Gallery.  His personal portfolio web site is here.


In his spare time, Andrew loves to play with Winter, his miniature Husky.

Joan Gohh, Partner


PT-Helper is Joan’s first start-up venture and she is doing what she enjoys the most: building relationships and connecting with people. In the past, Joan has developed and improved financial and operational processes for a large banking corporation, multiple small businesses and several non-profits.


Joan was born in Mauritius (a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean), raised in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada.  She attended the University of Toronto and received an Honors Bachelor of Science as well as an MBA degree.  She has settled in Pittsburgh, PA with Fred and their two daughters.


In her spare time, Joan practices Tai Chi and volunteers with multiple local non-profit organizations.


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