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Physical Therapists, your goal is to

genuinely help your patients achieve

sustained recovery.


We, at PT-Helper, are here to assist you with that goal

through our web-based Home Exercise Program

platform and mobile app.


PT-Helper About Us.

Hi there! We are Fred and Joan Gohh. Fred is the founder

and creator of PT-Helper.com.


Fred is an electrical engineer by profession and has worked with a number of start-ups in the past. More recently, Fred has been working with software companies honing in on how and why the user  experience is such a vital component of the product.

Joan enjoys building trust and relationships. She has worked with companies and banks on their financials as well and has a great all-around skill set. This is her first start-up venture, but she enjoys helping and connecting with people most.


Fred and Joan started this journey learning about PT from the patient's side. Fred, an avid cyclist, crashed twice in one year and required surgeries and lots (LOTS) of physical therapy. We must admit, we were keeping these secrets too. We were forgetful, busy, and a bit disorganized when it came to remembering the exercises, times, sets and reps, and where we even put that piece of paper!

Needless to say, we saw a problem.

Fred wanted to get better and we knew there had to be a better way to implement

Home Exercise Programs, for both the patient and the therapist.


We did some research and found out there was a gap.

There are way too many PT and OT businesses that still rely on paper handouts.

We knew it had to change. If you are ready to buck the status quo with lost papers

and secrets kept from you by your patients, we are here to help.

And we can't forget this guy


Andrew Kwan is a co-founder and the principal illustrator and artistic director for PT-Helper, designing the PT-Helper App from the ground up. He's responsible for the crisp, clean exercise illustrations that you've come to know and love within the PT-Helper platform, shown below.

Physical Therapists,

the CONNECT web platform is

going to streamline your

workflow, provide independence

to your patients, and better

allow you to customize and

track their results.


the PT-Helper app is going to

improve your motivation and

accountability and resolve any

issues that will keep you from

compelling the recovery

exercises assigned to you.

How It Works

How It Works

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Patients experience

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PT-Helper is Supported by These Trusted Advisors


Jay O. Lemcke PT, ATC, OCS, CWC

BreakOut Advisors & Rehabilitation

Jay is an award winning physical therapist and has opened three

successful physical therapy businesses in the Wexford/Pittsburgh area.

Jay completed his Master of Orthopedic Program at University of

Pittsburgh in 1984 and became an Orthopedic Certified Specialist by

the ABPTS in 1992.



Bradley A. Stotsky PT, DPT, OCS

BreakOut Advisors & Rehabilitation

Brad graduated from Chatham University as a Doctor of Physical

Therapy in 2008 and completed his Bachelor of Science in

Neuroscience and Psychology at Allegheny College in 2006.



Stephen Kanter PT, DPT, ATC

International Multiple Sclerosis

Management Practice

Dr. Stephen Kanter is a licensed physical therapist in New York and

New Jersey. He is the Supervisor of Rehabilitation Services at the

International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice. Dr. Kanter has

worked with patients with Multiple Sclerosis and patients with balance,

gait and endurance impairments.

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Your patients might be keeping secrets from you.  Find out what they are and how to fix the problem here:


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