PT-Helper® addresses all of the hurdles and frustrations that patients/clients encounter when doing their assigned home exercises.

  • Lost exercise sheets
  • Not remembering the exercises
  • Not understanding the exercises
  • Losing track of time and counts
  • Forgetting to do their exercises

PT-Helper is designed with all these common frustrations in mind. Our app is intuitive and easy to use. It has been downloaded in 39 countries and 39 states.

PT-Helper can add pictures and videos taken on your mobile device to your favorite or prescribed exercises. This functionality can be used by your health professional to provide customized images and video instructions to help you do your exercises correctly. (Currenltly only available on iOS and is under development for Android.)

If you are currently working with a professional that uses our system…

Follow these 3 simple steps:


  1. Purchase and install our app for iOS and Android
  2. Enter the HEP Code given to you by your therapist or trainer.
  3. Turn on the prescribed program by your therapist and simply follow the instructions! It will guide you through your entire exercise routine including sets and rest periods while illustrating the exercises.

If you are working with a physical therapist not using our system…


The app empowers you to create and customize your own exercise program. Simply select the areas you want to focus on from our exercise library, customize your routine, and save!


Customizable features:


  • Repetitions
  • Sets
  • Sets/day
  • Hold time
  • Recovery time
  • Days of the week
  • Weight
  • Resistance band color




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