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Additional information on the PT-Helper mobile app can be found in the User Manual.

The PT-Helper app frequently asked questions to quickly solve common problems.

  • What is a HEP code?

    A HEP code is a Home Exercise Program code generated by PT-Helper's exercise prescription service, CONNECT. If your therapist uses CONNECT, he/she will be able to provide you with your HEP code to synchronize your PT-Helper mobile app with CONNECT to automatically update your exercises.

    Your HEP code is an 8-digit alphanumeric value that is unique for your treatment plan.

  • How do I enter my HEP code?

    Watch the 60 second HEP code tutorial or follow the instructions below.


    located at the top right corner of the PT-Helper mobile app will send you to the Settings page.

    Further selecting

    you by your therapist using PT-Helper's exercise prescription service, CONNECT.


    Adding a valid HEP code will result in your physical therapist's company name and the therapist's name being displayed in the HEP code page.


    Once a HEP has been successfully entered into PT-Helper, the physical therapist's company logo (if provided), company name, and therapist's name will be displayed on the main page of PT-Helper. Selecting the therapist's company logo or name will take you immediately to your prescribed exercises.


    Multiple HEP codes can be entered to support different injuries and different therapists.


    Select your first exercise and press Start to begin your exercises.

    will send you to a page where you can enter your unique HEP code provided to

  • I have a paper handout for my Home Exercise Program. How could your PT-Helper mobile app help me?

    PT-Helper provides you with the capability to select exercises from our library that matches the exercises that were prescribed to you (on paper) by your therapist.

    Watch the short tutorial or follow the instructions below.

    From the main screen, select


    The following screen will appear to allow you to select the category of exercises that you would like to search. Scroll the page up and down to view the complete list of available categories.

    In the example below, we have selected Ankle & Foot. Exercises in the category will be displayed in alphabetical order and will also show a small icon (or two) of the exercise.


    You can slide the page up and down to view all of the exercises within the category.


    Once you have found an exercise that matches one of your prescribed exercises, select the exercise.


    Then select


    your therapist by selecting

    You can change the exercise parameters to match the values provided to you by

  • How many people have bought the PT-Helper mobile app?

    The PT-Helper mobile app has been purchased by people in 100 countries and 41 States.

  • I am a PT and I simply use my patients' mobile device to take pictures or videos of them doing the exercises.  How could your app benefit my patients?

    PT-Helper mobile app provides the ability to add pictures and videos taken on the smartphone or tablet to individual exercises. This provides you with the option of taking videos of your patient doing the exercise while including verbal instructions specific for that patient. (Currently only available on iOS devices.)

    The pictures and videos remain attached to the prescribed exercise making it easy for your patient to find.

    The PT-Helper app will still provide timers, repetition and set counters to help your patient complete their exercise.

  • One thing that is difficult for me is actually remembering to do the exercises.  Could your app help?

    PT-Helper provides 3 alarm clock reminders to help you remember to do your exercises.


    located at the top right corner of the PT-Helper mobile app will send you to the Settings page.

  • What type of counting does your app do?

    PT-Helper mobile app will count your Hold Times, Recovery Times, Rest Times, Repetitions and Sets.

    Hold Time is the duration of time that you need to hold a stretch.

    Recovery Time is the duration of time between Hold Times for a stretch.

    Rest Time is the duration of time between sets of an exercise.

    Additional information on configuring exercise parameters can be found here.

    A screenshot of the app proceeding through as exercise is shown below.

  • If I use the app, do I have to let my PT know when I do the exercises?

    Your rate of recovery from an injury or illness is very dependent upon how well you follow your therapists instructions on doing your home exercises.

    If your therapist has provided you with a HEP code, your therapist can view your exercise history in PT-Helper's exercise prescription software provided that your Report Exercise Completed button is turned on.

    If you don't have a HEP code and entered your exercises into Favorites, you can show your therapist the Exercise History page for each exercise. At this time, we do not have a way to display all of your exercises' history in one page.

  • Do I need to pay for the app every year?

    PT-Helper does not have a subscription service for the mobile app. There is only a one-time fee when purchasing the app.

  • How do I remove an exercise from Favorites?

    Depending upon the screen size of some devices, you may not be able to see the

    In this case, slide the exercise page up to be able to view the button.



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