Finger & Hand

Exercises included in Finger & Hand consist of multiple illustrations to help you understand how to properly perform the exercise. Each exercise includes a written description and default parameters for hold time, recovery time, rest time, repetitions and sets. An example of pictures within a Finger & Hand exercise is shown below.

The exercise list below includes one or two icon images for each exercise. To see all images for each exercise, you can purchase the app at the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Before starting any exercise program, consult with your medical doctor or physical therapist.


The same exercises available to therapist to prescribe to patients in CONNECT are available on the mobile APP.

Active Finger MCP Flex/Ext Blocked

Active Finger Tendon Glide

Ball Thumb Flexion

Clothes Pin Pinch

Cold/Hot Contrast


Finger Extension

Finger Extension with Thumb Abduction

with Rubber Band

Finger Opposition v1

Finger Opposition v2

Flat Hand with Wrist in Neutral

Grip/Fist Isometrics

Hot/Cold Contrast

MCP Flexion

Passive Finger DIP Flex/Ext

Passive Finger in Splint

Passive Finger MCP Flex/Ext

Passive Finger PIP Flex/Ext

PIP/DIP Flexion

Putty Extension Loop

Putty Squeeze

Towel Key Grip Pinch

Towel Pinch



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