Knee & Hip

Exercises included in Knee & Hip consist of multiple illustrations to help you understand how to properly perform the exercise. Each exercise includes a written description and default parameters for hold time, recovery time, rest time, repetitions and sets. An example of pictures within a Knee & Hip exercise is shown below.

The exercise list below includes one or two icon images for each exercise. To see all images for each exercise, you can purchase the app at the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Before starting any exercise program, consult with your medical doctor or physical therapist.


The same exercises available to therapist to prescribe to patients in CONNECT are available on the mobile APP.

2 Up 1 Down

90-60-30 Isometrics

Angle Board

Angled Straight Leg Raise - In to Out

Angled Straight Leg Raise - Out to In

Ankle Alphabets

Ankle Circles Clockwise

Ankle Circles Counter-Clockwise

Ankle Pumps

Assisted Heel Slides

Balance on One Leg Flatfooted


Chair Rise

Clam Shell (No Pillow)

Clam Shell 45 degrees

Clam Shell with Elastic Band

Cold/Hot Contrast

Eccentric Heel Raises

Eccentric Lowering

Figure Four Stretch

Foam Roll Tandem Stance

Forward Leg Swings

Hamstring Set

Hang (prone)

Heel Raises with Both Feet

Heel Raises with One Straight Leg

Heel Slide (Supine)

Heel Slides with Towel

Heel Wall Slides

Hip Abduction - Resisted

Hip Adduction - Resisted

Hip Extension - Resisted

Hip External Rotator Stretch

Hip Flexion - Resisted

Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch Off Table

Hip Flexor Stretch on a Step

Hot/Cold Contrast

Inner Thigh/Groin Stretch

Iso Gluteal Supine Sets

Iso Hip ER Prone

Isometric Hip Abduction

Isometric Hip Adduction

Isometric Leg Press

IT Band Stretch

Knee Extension (sitting)

Modified Hip Flexor Stretch

Modified Piriformis Stretch

Modified Straight Leg Raises

Prone Circle (Clockwise)

Prone Circle (CounterClockwise)

Prone Figure 4 Gluteal Sets

Prone Hip Extension

Prone Knee Flexion

Prone Knee Flexion with Belt

Prone SAQs

Prone Single Leg Raise (Knee Bent)

Prone Straight Leg Raise

Quad Muscle Ball Exercise

Quad Sets

Quad Set with Towel

Quadruped Hip Abduction - Fire Hydrant

Rectus Femoris Stretch

Seated Hamstring Stretch

Seated Hamstring Stretch v2

Seated Knee Bends

Seated March

Short Arc Quad

Side Leg Slide

Side Stepping

Sidelying Hip Abduction with ER

Sidelying Straight Leg Raise Abduction

Sidelying Straight Leg Raise Abduction with Knee Bent

Sidelying Straight Leg Raise Adduction

Sitting Heel Raises

Soleus Stretching

Standing Gastroc Stretch

Standing Hip External Rotation

Standing Knee Flexion

Standing March

Standing Qaudriceps Stretch

Standing Side Stretch

Step Down

Step Knee Bends

Step–Down / Step-Up

Straight Leg Raise

Supine Hamstring Stretch


Supine Hamstring Stretch with Towel

Supine Hip External Rotation Stretch

Supine Iliotibial Band Stretch

Supine Iliotibial Band Stretch v2

Supine Knee Abduction with Resistance Bands

Tap Foot Up On Step

Tensor Stretch

Terminal Knee Extension (Standing)

Theraband Dorsiflexion

Theraband Eversion

Theraband Inversion

Theraband Plantarflexion

Thomas Stretch

Towel Calf Stretch

Towel Roll Hang

Wall Slides



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