Exercises included in Neuromotor consist of multiple illustrations to help you understand how to properly perform the exercise. Each exercise includes a written description and default parameters for hold time, recovery time, rest time, repetitions and sets. An example of pictures within a Neuromotor exercise is shown below.

The exercise list below includes one or two icon images for each exercise. To see all images for each exercise, you can purchase the app at the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Before starting any exercise program, consult with your medical doctor or physical therapist.


The same exercises available to therapist to prescribe to patients in CONNECT are available on the mobile APP.

Bad Seating Behavior

Bad Walking Behavior

Balance on One Leg Flatfooted v2

Forward Step and Reach (Level 1)

Forward Step and Reach (Level 2)

Forward/Backward Weight Shifts

Hand over Bar Preparatory Position

Hand over Kitchen Sink Preparatory Position

Lunge Stretch

No Hands On Wall Behavior

Reverse Sit-Ups

Reverse Sit-Ups With Forward Lean

Side-To-Side Elbow Taps With Low Elbows

Side-To-Side Elbow Taps With Low Elbows and Pillows

Side-To-Side Elbow Taps With Wide Elbows

Sit Slowly Behavior

Speed Skater

Target Behind And Point (Feet Apart)

Target Behind And Point (Feet Together)

The Curly (3 Step Backwards)

The Curly (3 Step Forwards)

The Curly (3 Step Sideways)

Toe-Heel Balance

Triple Swing

Walking and Turning Behavior

Wide Feet Slow Marches



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