Exercises included in Shoulder consist of multiple illustrations to help you understand how to properly perform the exercise. Each exercise includes a written description and default parameters for hold time, recovery time, rest time, repetitions and sets. An example of pictures within a Shoulder exercise is shown below.

The exercise list below includes one or two icon images for each exercise. To see all images for each exercise, you can purchase the app at the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Before starting any exercise program, consult with your medical doctor or physical therapist.


The same exercises available to therapist to prescribe to patients in CONNECT are available on the mobile APP.

Abduction (standing)

Active Assisted Shoulder Flexion

(wand palm down)

Active Assisted Supine Flexion

Active Resistive Extension

Ball on the Wall

Bicep Curl

Bicep Strengthening

Bilateral Shoulder Abduction 1

Bilateral Shoulder Abduction 2 (alternating)

Bilateral Shoulder Abduction 2 (left)

Bilateral Shoulder Abduction 2 (right)

Bilateral Shoulder External Rotation

Butterfly Curls

Cold/Hot Contrast

Corner Stretch

Diagonal Pattern D2 Extension with Bands

Diagonal Pattern D2 Flexion with Bands

Diaphragmatic Breathing (seated)

Diaphragmatic Breathing (supine)

Elastic Band Shoulder Abduction

Elastic Band Shoulder Extension

Exercise Ball Push Up

Exercise Ball Walk Out

External Rotation 30 degrees

External Rotation at 90 degrees Abduction

External Rotation Elastic Band - Self Restrained

Foam Roller Pec Stretch

Hot/Cold Contrast

Inferior Apley’s Scratch

Internal Rotation 30 degrees

Internal Rotation Stretch with Stick

Internal Rotation with Arm Away from Side

Isometric Abduction

Isometric Adduction

Isometric Bilateral External Rotation

Isometric Extension

Isometric External Rotation

Isometric Flexion

Isometric Internal Rotation

Median Nerve Glide


Passive Internal Rotation

Passive Range of Motion Abduction

Passive Range of Motion Abduction at 45 degrees

Passive Range of Motion Flexion

Pec Release Ball Exercise

Pectoralis Minor Stretch

Plank Plus

Posterior Capsule Stretch

Prone Ext Palm Downward

Prone Extension

Prone External Rotation at 90 degrees

Prone Horizontal Abduction at 120 Thumb Up

Prone Scapular Flexion

Prone Scapular Retractions: Progressive Resistive Exercise

Prone Scapular Stabilization

Prone Shoulder ER Palm In

Prone Shoulder Extension

Prone Shoulder FLX

Prone Shoulder Horizontal Abduction

Prone Shoulder Row

Prone Shoulder Row with External Rotation

Prone Straight Arm Stretch with Wand

Prone T over Exercise Ball

Prone T-Exercises with Band

Prone Y - Flexion

Prone Y over Exercise Ball

Pulley Flexion

Push Up Plank Plus

Push Up Plank Plus Modified

Radial Nerve Exercise

Radial Nerve Glide

Resisted Shoulder Retraction Close Elbows with Elastic

Rhomboid Stretch

ROM Pendulum (Circular - Clockwise)

ROM Pendulum (Circular - Counterclockwise)

ROM Pendulum (Flexion/Extension)

ROM Pendulum (Side-to-Side)

Scapula Setting

Scapular Exercises Protraction in 90 degrees of Flexion

Scapular Retraction/Protraction

Seated Pushups

Self Mobilization - Anterior Glide Seated

Self Mobilization – Caudal Glide

Self Mobilization - Inferior Glide Seated

Shoulder 90-90

Shoulder Ball Exercise

Shoulder Blade Squeezes

Shoulder Elevation Stretch with Wand

Shoulder Flex Uni

Shoulder Inferior Capsule Stretch

Shoulder Scaption Bil

Shoulder Shrugs

Side Lying Shoulder External Rotation

Side Lying Shoulder Flexion

Sidelying Reach

Sleeper Stretch

Standing Shoulder Empty Can: Progressive Resistive Exercise

Standing Shoulder Flexion

Standing/Seated Row

Table Plank Plus


Theraband Empty Can

Theraband Scapular Retractions

Theraband Shoulder Flexion

Theraband Shoulder Scaption

Theraband Statue of Liberty

Theraband Walk-Aways

Towel Stretch for Internal Rotation

Towel Stretch for Internal Rotation v2

Trapezius Strengthening

Tricep Extension

Tripod Front Raise

Ulnar Nerve - Mask

Ulnar Nerve Glide

Upper Extremity Step Up

Upright Elbow Tricep Extension

Walk Up Exercise Ball

Wall Climbs Abduction

Wall Dribble 90-90

Wall Pushups

Wall Slide Abduction

Wall Slide Flexion

Wand Abduction

Wand External Rotation

Wand External/Internal Rotation

Wand Flexion





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